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Faast-3 - the original interactive, graphics finite-element program for analyzing fluid flow in piping systems -

Faast-3 Puts YOU in Control ... Analyzing Complex Piped Fluid Systems Including ...

Elevated Tanks ...

Faast excels on Municipal water distribution systems, including fire flow analysis and design,
tank and reservoir fill/drain cycle and pumping calculations,

Ground Storage Tank Farms & Industrial Plants ...

Industrial applications include cooling loops and process piping analysis and design,
- shipboard fresh and salt water, fuel and lube oil, and fire main piping,
- hydraulic power piping, valving, pumping and accumulator analysis,
- heating, ventilation and air conditioning air ducting supply and return.

Irrigation and Fire Sprinkler Systems ...

Valves and Valve-Pump Manifolds ...

Fire Hydrants and Fire Piping ...

Faast is the original finite-element method for fluid system analysis, and still the best!
Read or print the "Brochure for Prospective Faast-3 Users" 9 pages, modified December, 2006.

Download a demo (or update) copy of Faast-3, modified December, 2006.

Read or print "News for Faast Users" (4 pages), modified December, 2006.

Read or print updates to the Faast-3 Reference Manual, several individual documents for users, modified December, 2006.

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