Faast-3 Reference Manual Errata # 1

Application Note # 2 "Sprinkler and Nozzles"

Application Note # 3, "Modeling Compressible Flow in Pipes"

Errata sheet revised 23 March 1998
1. Overview.

It has been brought to our attention that there are two errors in the Faast-3 Reference Manual, Appendix N (Application Notes).

2. Erratum

On page N-10, equation 10 at the bottom of the page, the appearance of "k" in the denominator should read: "k2". After this correction, Equation 10 should read:
     (1+f) = 890 * d4 / k2  .          (10) 
Clarification: In equation 10, note that the entire term (1+f) on the left side of the equation is equivalent to the friction factor used by the TVALVE element when that element is used as a nozzle or other discharge to atmospheric pressure. The friction portion of pressure drop in the nozzle is represented by the variable f and the velocity portion of pressure drop is represented by the integer 1. Input the value of (1+f) as the TVALVE friction factor.

3. Erratum

On page N-14, in the "Numeric Example" concerning the fluid viscosity, the value is missing the minus sign from the power-of-ten exponent. Change the viscosity to read:
     3.8*10-7    .  
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